God’s faithfulness in the hardship of life: Exodus 15 and 16

redemption: re•demp•tion – the act, process, or and instance of redeeming

redeem: re•deem – to buy back; to get or win back; to free from what distresses or harms; to free from the consequences of sin.

Do we live in the redemption that God has given? The people of Israel were amazed and thankful the instant after they were free from the oppression and fear of the Egyptians but as soon as the daily hardship set in they were less inclined to trust God. The songs and joy of Exodus 15 turn to grumbling in Exodus 16. The people needed to learn to trust and rely on God. If they would place their faith and trust in Him and follow his direction then there would be not need to worry about the trivial things of life. God will be their healer, “for I, the Lord, and your healer.”, what a promise that is. If the people of Israel didn’t have full trust in God in the little details of life would they trust God in the major battles? I think it takes time for us to trust God and know that He is able to care and provide for His people.

In the daily monotonous lives we live it is hard to rely on God but it has been absolutely necessary for me to build up my reliance upon God in the simple act of living because I am able to rest in the midst of the storm because my unchanging God has never and will never fail me. Can you say that you can rely on God in any situation? When the path you travel down comes to a point where you need help where will you turn? God is the only faithful one who will ever be able to meet your needs. Trust in Him!

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